Verliebt, verfilmt, verheiratet

We have just recently finished a project which we are really proud of. An animated marriage proposal disguised as a movie trailer.

Imagine you are having a girls night out at the cinema – not suspecting anything – and before the film starts, you become the leading character yourself.
This is exactly what happened to Karin. Georg asked the video producers from www.animier∙
for their help and they solemnly said : “Yes we will!”
In the short trailer they retold the personal love story of Georg and Karin. The film was shown in the trailer-block, right before the main movie,
when Karin unknowingly sat in the theatre with her friends. Georg was also hidden among the crowd, his knees trembling.
At the end of the Clip George suddenly appeared before her with a big bouquet of flowers and a ring asking for her hand.
Watch her reaction and the trailer here:

The video is in german, but there are english subtitles available!

For more information visit:

Concept/Text/Illustration: Mariella Manhardt
Concept/Animation: Ben Thursfield
Camera/Editing: Christoph Troyer
Sound mixing: David Wasielewsky
Additional help on text: Jennifer Sanden, Viviane Clarin